Wedding Day Coverage

FULL DAY Cinematography - $4000

  • Bride’s house
  • Groom’s house
  • Ceremony
  • Park
  • Full reception
  • Fully edited in our signature dynamic style
  • 2 videographers
  • 3 HD BluRay discs
  • Up to 12 hours

HALF DAY Cinematography - $3000

  • Any 8 hours in the day
  • 2 videographers
  • 3 HD BluRay discs

Same Day Edit - $2000 or $1000 as an additional production

There’s nothing more fascinating than watching a recap of your wedding day when these events happened only hours ago. Professionally and creatively edited throughout the day and played during your reception. Relive a once-in-a-lifetime moment with the very people you shared it with in the first place.

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Other Productions

Save-the-date video - $1000

A fun, romantic video in which you announce the date of your wedding in a creative, entertaining way. Edited and given to you for the purpose of posting online or sending to your guests in advance so they have a heads up of the date of your big day.

Love Walk - $1000

A beautiful insight on your love story. Edited and prepared to be played at your reception.

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Wedding Music Video - $1000

A recap of the most beautiful and memorable moments of your day. This video allows us to choose the highlights of your wedding and put them together to create a charming music video. This becomes the best video to share with family and friends who want a quick playback of the best moments of your wedding without watching the full-day video of your big day.

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Oscar Moment video - $1000

One of the most entertaining productions and our favourite to shoot. A funny, romantic music video remake of any well-known song. Always a crowd pleaser – imagine starring in your own hit music video and playing it for all your family and friends on the very day you own the spotlight.

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Trash the Dress - $1000

When the planning is finished, when the party is over, when you’re home from the honeymoon, there it is… the dress that only gets worn once. Or is it?? A very wild and liberating music video in which you wear your wedding dress again… but this time, you have no inhibitions – you trash the dress


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